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Holy Fucking Shit  
02:39pm 27/10/2008

So, evidently I've needed a few days to proccess.

But, I GOT TO SEE BEN FOLDS. It's still so surreal but so fucking awesome.

Kat and I had a good plan. Of going up there early. I had to work 8-3 (after a night of little sleep and some drinking, ouch), and I was so counting down the clock to it being 3.

3 came and it was time to leeeeave. Ran by the house, got changed, went by sonic for fooding and we were there at the Palladium by 4:15. There were only two other people there. So Kat and I ended up being 2nd and 3rd in line.

It was good we got there too because a good group of people collected after that. It was fun though, we just all stood around and talked and visited. Later in the evening a guy showed up with a Way to Normal vinyl and despite him completely flirting with me, I just wanted to touch the vinyl.

Finally, 7:30 rolls around and jesus christ, people got a little excited. The guy motioned for us to come forward to get inside and did we do it in an orderly fashion? Fuck no. We RAN to the front door, RAN inside, and RAN THE FUCK TO THE STAGE. It was chaos. We were running to the right of the stage but then I saw it.. the Baldwin... oh yes. So I grabbed Kat and pulled her over to the left hand of the stage. Right. In. Front. Of. It. Ohhhh.

So not only did we get at the very front, we got right in front of the Baldwin. Total fucking win. After the opener and they did move it but not far! And plus, we'd be closer to Ben this way anyhow!

So Missy Higgins comes on stage and she was pretty good. But I just wanted her to get off stage so we could get to Ben! The time came though and ohhh, so excited. I was going to explode. Then he came out onto stage and the first song he played was Way To Normal, from the Fake album and that was just the most fucking awesome thing ever. Ever.

The show was just amazing. It was so amazing. That's all I can say. It was everything I was expecting and more. Totally went beyond my expectations. The man is a God. I swear it. He played most of the songs from the new album. I think he played all of them except Errant Dog for some weird reason. Then they left the stage and then came back and played older music which was great.

I wanted to hear Rockin' The Suburbs and Kat wanted to hear Kate. It must have been our night. Because he played them BACK TO BACK. RtS is probably my favorite Folds song to that just totally totally made my night. They played Underground too and that is another one in my Top 5. So happy.

I kept calling Brooke to let her hear songs. Haha. I would have called her more than I did but my phone was rapidly dying. I think I called her three or four times though. Let her hear Cologne, Kylie, and I know there were a few more...

He came back for encore as well and he played Army. I swear to god people exploded over that song. I think there was some splooge on the floor from that.

But then, the show was over. And that was sad.

But Kat and I didn't have time to think about that. We were on a mission. To meet the band. So we went running out of the venue to find the back door and there was a very small line waiting when we got there. Very small.

We saw Jared come out, and then Sam came out. And it wasn't long after that, Ben came out too. It was just too fucking cool. I swear. Just too fucking cool.

Not only did we get to meet Sam and Jared but we got to meet Ben too! Sam and Jared were cool guys though. I told them that I was friends with a girl in Chicago that goes to a lot of their shows. A girl with blue glasses named Brooke. They both knew exactly who I was talking about and told me to tell Brooke hi. Haha. That made Brooke happy they knew who she was.

I got all of them to sign my Delux CD/DVD Way to Normal and Ben signed his name and then started to do something else and I was just looking thinking "What else is he writing?" but then I saw he was drawing a piano. OH GOD. I screamed in the inside when I saw that. Ben drew a piano on my CD. I love that man. And OH YEAH. He signed Poprocks for us. Hahaha.

Then we got to take a picture with him! Well. Okay. Two pictures. Hahaha. The first wasn't planned. The guy we got to take the picture let it go off too soon. Let me just say. All three of our expressions are priceless in the first one. Ben started to laugh and he said "Well, that's going to be a good one." So we got in for another one and it came out much better. He looks amused.

It was a great night. And yep. I cried. With joy. Just because it was so awesome and something I didn't know if I'd get to experience. The only thing I wish differently is that I would have had the forethought to try and follow him to Houston or Austin. I had the money. Just, of course, no car. But it would have been really need to follow him. I am completely thankful for being able to see one show though.

And when we move to Chicago next year?

We'll see him even more.

Fuck. Yes.
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Friend's Only  
12:44am 13/09/2008

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